We are unique in our design approach. We have developed the i-process, a five-step methodology guiding all our design projects from concept through completion.

All projects follow a systematic approach—the i‑process.

Our i‑process enables us to view a project through both a telescope and microscope, to see the overall concept and dial into the details to ensure the end result matches the original concept goals.

Take a look behind the scenes at the creative process and see the necessary steps to creating a successful branded prototype!

Naf Naf Grill Quick-Casual Restaurant

Havaianas Retail Store

See how we apply our i-process to each project—from concept to completion—in our other case study videos!


Here we focus on strategy and defining the goals of the retail store. Getting answers like: "Who is our target client?"


We create the big picture of the future: idea generation, conceptualization, and brainstorming to create a design strategy that aligns with the business goals.


We start focusing in on all the parts and pieces to bring the cohesive solution together. We develop a cohesive design package that incorporates all 3D elements and brand communications.


Polishing the details. We create a set of directions for what needs to happen. The result is a comprehensive design package with complete specification information, design documentation, and final artwork.


Once everything is complete, we toggle back to the telescope view, to validate that our conceptual big picture is completed as desired and meets or exceeds all of the project goals.

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