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Chicago, IL

The concept encapsulated the idea of rejuvenation, with sharp contrast of light and growth from the earthy backdrop.


An opportunity to work with a returning client and restaurateur embarking on a new concept restaurant which focuses on organic, healthy, small plates with a fusion of Taiwanese street food, Japanese influences, and the science of energizing your body. The concept is rooted in the idea of eating for your individual health concerns. The environment is a casual, urban hotspot where you can have a unique cocktail from the bar, socialize, and enjoy good food and company.

Design Solution

Symbolizing rejuvenation from floor to ceiling. The design achieves the high contrast with juxtapositions of materials and color; i.e. reclaimed woods and slick glossy finishes. Peppered in the environment are living elements and interesting textures. The graphic package was developed with the same standards—reflecting fresh feeling and organic shapes.