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Village Brewing Company

Somerville, NJ

We created an inviting space, full of spirited energy that embodies the celebration of beer! The finish for this brewpub is smooth & clean, with smoky undertones!


An entrepreneur team contacted Ideation Studio to bring their vision of a modern upscale brewpub to life. Our comprehensive scope included: brand ID, interior environment, custom millwork, bar design, facade branding, furniture specification, and the interior signage design.

Design Solution

For this chic brewery, we created high contrast in a distressed environment that focuses on bringing the brewing process to life in an abstract way. We incorporated the elements of the brewing process in various ways, from a literal ingredient representation of a hop leaf as a light fixture, and innovative representations of other elements. We represented water through large-scale watercolor murals in a series of blue tones. Other brewing elements filter through the space like mash paddles and burnt wood. We took great care to weave the brewing story into the surroundings, to create an emotional response from guests and plenty of instagram-able moments. Chalkboards integrated into the bar area provide communication on what is currently on tap. The graphic style takes its cues from a blend of graffiti & urban culture. The overall palette balances light and dark, with smoky hues and light reclaimed wood to create an intimate and cozy place with a quirky, artsy vibe that celebrates craft beer.

“The one thing we did right, no question, was the design and overall layout. We have had tremendous feed back that everyone LOVES the design. You guys work hard and are committed!"

— Gary Frank - Cofounder of Village Brewing
Badge style logo for Village Brewing Company