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Verlo Pillow Display

Milwaukee, WI

The mattress retailer, Verlo, asked us to develop a powerful retail display for pillows to showcase every pillow possible and include a graphic display of the pillow's history.

Two concepts were presented to the client:
Concept 1 is a display designed to appeal to the senses; sight, smell, sound, and touch so the customers are immersed in a variety of sensory encounters.

Concept 2, shown here, was chosen to be implemented. This Pillow Display evokes a sense of discovery for visitors approaching this environment as they view a series of sculptured panels that are an unexpected surprise within the store. Each panel is at a distinct distance off the wall, allowing for a variety of surfaces that hold a varying number of pillows. The projected perpendicular surfaces, off the wall, create panels for product information and visual aids to support the benefits of the premium line of pillows. Display cases can be included within the pillow stories including a Vero history narrative as well as photos and product information in a museum-like atmosphere. Lighting is integrated into the panel surface as it turns at a right angle to form a ceiling element that “shelters” the visitor within the space.