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Verlo Pillow Display Concept

The mattress retailer asked us to develop a powerful retail display for pillows

Verlo wanted to showcase every pillow possible and include a visual representation of the history of the pillow. We presented two concepts to bring their dream pillow display to life. Concept 2 was ultimately selected to be implemented.

Concept 1 is a display to appeal to the senses; sight, smell, sound, and touch. The customers are immersed in a variety of sensory encounters. As a visual experience, the cocoon shape of the area is reminiscent of a protective and restful enclosure inviting visitors to enter.

SIGHT: the imbedded LED lighted transitions from Vero Green to tranquil lavender creates a playful visual on the fabric.

TOUCH: the environment is a tactile experience as the cocoon frame is wrapped in a fabric material that is soft to the touch.

SMELL: the enclosed pillow pavilion can atomize a light fragrance of lavender that creates an aura of calm and peacefulness.

SOUND: a sound machine emits sleepy relaxing tones and vibes that are projected into the display space that further encircles the customer in a sensory experience, preparing them to interact with the selection of premium pillows.