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Rubber Rabbit

Ideation Studio was tasked with creating a complete design package for a boutique retailer that included a comprehensive design scope of both a full interior environment design as well as a full brand identity design that included naming, logo, and signage. The existing retail space is in a boutique hotel in Albuquerque, NM. The design of both the space and brand identity draws a lot of inspiration from the natural environment of the New Mexico desert, specifically the rubber rabbitbrush that is native to the area. This retailer was looking to create a space that was deeply inspired by the activewear and lifestyle product that would be housed within this boutique store. This space incorporates industrial materials and finishes mixed with natural elements to create a clean and modern retail environment. The variety in finish materials creates texture and the incorporation of green elements adds life and biophilic elements to the space. The geometric shape of the retail fixtures and design elements establish clean sight lines and easy way-finding for the guest. Graphics and imagery incorporated into the space were carefully selected to match the New Mexico landscape.

Client feedback:

Throughout our engagement, Ideation demonstrated professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail, and ultimately, they effectively captured our vision to deliver a design concept that was beyond our expectations. Their team's expertise in conceptualizing the design, coordinating the necessary contributors and ultimately executing the construction drawings for the space was truly impressive, and we could not have been more pleased with regard to their project management. They displayed a deep understanding of the process from start to finish, including sourcing vendors and procuring bids for fixtures and signage for the space and led us through each and every phase in a way we did not expect.

 Their commitment to customer satisfaction was evident throughout the entire project, as they consistently provided timely updates, responded promptly to inquiries, and quickly addressed any concerns. And perhaps most surprisingly, Jennifer traveled from Chicago to Albuquerque with almost no notice immediately prior to our opening to assist us with our inventory merchandising and store setup. She worked incredibly hard over long hours to ensure our opening was a success, and we’re forever grateful for her commitment to our project. Ideation Studio has been an invaluable partner in bringing our dreams to reality, and I cannot recommend Jennifer and her team more highly.