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Reboot Social

This is a great story of the value of good design. Our client contracted a local firm, dissatisfied with the result, they brought in Ideation Studio to redesign this unique arcade bar and restaurant as well as create the brand identity. Blown away by first the thoughtful planning then the design! We started with adjusting the plans of this 2-story bar to create a better flow and designating areas for the specific games and activities the client wanted incorporated into the design. We brought better flow to the operations, creating a designated food service pick up area outside the kitchen not visible by guests to minimize kitchen traffic. The industrial loft style incorporated natural materials like concrete, wood, copper, and blackened steel, and was balanced with lots of acoustic materials to create enhance the experience. Textured, matte, and glossy material selections all play together to define areas and create visual interest with pop art influence. The clean sight lines created impactful focal points. Industrial influenced elements and graphics added throughout the space creates a memorable guest experience. Small touches of nostalgia were incorporated into the space as an ode to retro video games using neon and bolder pop-art graphics. Acoustical elements were an integral part of the design of each floor and placed throughout the spaces to enhance both design elements and noise control. Custom designed millwork pieces and layered lighting design helped elevate this space and achieve a more playful design aesthetic to match the desired atmosphere of this unique bar experience. We also concurrently developed the brand identity, allowing us to create a comprehensive brand package.