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Private Automotive Headquarters

The design of this private three-story 28,000 square foot building was focused on luxury and clean modern geometry. We strategically considered the sightlines and keeping somethings out of sight. With a spacious footprint and high-end materials, it was easy to create opulence.

No expense was spared for this high-tech private office, that featured a museum-like setting for a private automotive collection, a state-of-the-art boardroom, a grand staircase, and private dining experience. This five-star luxe environment boosts two freshwater fish tanks totaling over 600 gallons combined, with a fish room for maintenance! It even has a car elevator, to bring the collectibles to the show space. Entry is by private invitation only.

Ascending the staircase to the third level of the facility, there is an architecture feature at the pivot point between offices, boardroom, or dining. If you stop and look up inside that architectural feature, you will see an illuminated stretch fabric ceiling that has the option of being an art installation. In the private dining area, some of our favorite details were the custom banquettes with baseball glove leather, over-scaled pendant light fixtures, and the raw steel bar. The beauty is in the details.