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Ideation Studio is asked to fine-tune the brand strategies for Portillo’s Restaurant without hampering the continued success of this national restaurant chain.

As Portillo’s Restaurants transitions from the founder, Dick Portillo to a Bershire Partners company, Ideation Studio was asked to refine the visual marketing and graphic strategies to complement the Portillo’s facilities.

Design Strategies

The new owners asked ISI to take a fresh look at the restaurants’ interior décor and make suggesting to enhance the brand presence to the public spaces. We were cautious not to interfere in the formulaic personality attributed to Portillo’s. Our marketing objectives were to reduce the clutter of objects within the restaurant and consolidate the signing formats, to be interesting and informative, removing any confusion in messaging. ISI was also given the charge to bring a distinct Portillo’s brand impression to the promotional sign formats while keeping the casual theme of the restaurant’s personality.