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The team was challenged to define the future for a prominent retailer. The design takes it cues from the merger of Japanese and Scandinavian Design influences; a style known as Japandi. Incorporating the Bridgestone Japanese influence into the universal, global Design Language of Scandinavian functionality and Japanese minimalism to create a feeling of art, nature, and simplicity. This creates a welcoming environment with a differentiated architectural feel unique to the tire retailer and auto service brand culture. The origami influenced exterior structures use hexagonal geometry to highlight entrances and exterior waiting areas. The style lends itself to the incorporation of solar energy panels

Woven through plan are zones for each experience, plus educational and informational story telling. The brand heritage of creativity, pioneering innovation & developing sustainable solutions are fully on display as a leader.

Distinguish it from other brands with warmth and a global edge.

Small Rectangular Design

Large Hexagonal Design

Medium Hexagonal Design