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Ahead of its time, Peapod identified the “just in time” meals segment as an underserved market to busy families back in 2006. They asked Ideation Studio to create a small, shopping-friendly fresh market to showcase their prepared meals (ready to heat and ready to eat) for busy commuters who want a prepared meal that is high in quality and nutrition. To complement this offer, Peapod included fresh fruit and vegetables and other fill-in items on the consumer's shopping list. All self-serve checkouts took advantage of the latest technology to make the shopping trip a quick and satisfying experience.

Design Solution

The environment was branded in their signature green color, representing a warm and fresh atmosphere to the consumer. Murals of produce silhouettes are subtly woven into the wall fascia to make a distinctive backdrop for the grab-and-go product. A wood-textured floor and wood fixtures completed the rest of the welcoming environment.