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Nomadic VR

Las Vegas, NV & Burbank, CA

A virtual reality gaming experience blurring the line between fantasy and reality


Ideation Studio teamed up with Nomadic—a San Francisco tech start-up—to develop the prototype for their global virtual reality gaming experience. Working at “the speed of new tech” we helped develop solutions for multiple locations in the US and Asia. Having multiple locations drove design deviations to adjust to the unique cultural demographics around the world.

Design Solution

This environment is all about the journey to an alternate reality. Linear lights lead you from a clean modern lobby, through a Nomadic blue portal, and into a darker high-tech gear room. Once inside the gear room, the lighting and materiality were chosen for dramatic effect rather than wayfinding. The gear stations are illuminated and appear to be floating with the gaming backpacks suspended off a proprietary hook system while linear lighting and flooring make it appear as though you are moving through space. Inside the gear room, each grouping of guests is escorted through the gear-up process and then into the gaming space itself. After completing the game guests can view their experience as well as their scores on a large monitor before being escorted to their backpack station and ultimately back through the portal towards the retail wall.

Las Vegas

In Las Vegas the demographic was focused on appealing to adults and professionals, so we chose to take advantage of an existing bar within the space and use it as the waiting area. To engage guests, the back bar featured a series of digital screens that could play promotional footage or provide a live view of the gaming space and becoming part of the gateway to an exciting new experience.

Burbank, CA

In Burbank, CA a party room was added to the program. The aesthetic for the party room was high-tech urban grit, appealing to young gaming enthusiasts. The space was divided into two rooms that could open up to become one large party room. Each space was grounded by a gaming system, large screen, and poof seating. The food and beverage counter uses street art as a backdrop for a very unique split level countertop that mirrors itself between the two-party rooms. The furniture is miss-matched and distressed emphasizing the urban grit aesthetic.