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Maxon Education

The Maxon team asked us to help them revamp their overall look and feel of their physical space while also creating a more memorable customer experience when it came to their education courses. They have a very heavy focus on their training and education programs for gun safety and the goal was to come up with design solutions to highlight those spaces. The space presents a bold branded look. Industrial metals and raw concrete frame the space in a timeless design. Red provides the accent and focus within the space, particularly through the use of red signage in contrast with dark backgrounds. Wood ceiling and wall elements encapsulate a built-in seating cove which becomes the focal point of the hallway. Acoustic wall and ceiling elements control the noise and soften all the hard surfaces in this environment. A garage door and barn doors provide unique and unconventional methods of access to the training room. The design is constantly complemented by customers, delivering the professional edge for this thriving brand.