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Lexus of Highland Park

Highland Park, IL


The Lexus brand has a reputation for luxury and advanced technology. As a platform to present these leading edge quality automobiles, Lexus of Highland Park embarked on a program to update the facility to a level that is keeping with the surrounding upscale community.

Design Solution

Ideation Studio wanted the experience and appearance of this dealership to be complementary to the quality and elegance of the vehicle. The layout of the space was based on creating an easy path for customers to navigate the facility. Four lanes of overhead doors lead to the service drive and enhanced indoor service write-up stations with individual private service associates. Customers are provided with a number of hospitality choices in service waiting area from a TV lounge, to a private quiet room, and a cafe for their relaxation. Attention has been given to the washrooms with quality details and comfortable amenities. The interior style projects a clean, modern design aesthetic. The material choices are decidedly high-end with a dramatically illuminated reception wall. The showroom boasts a high, architecturally detailed, ceiling plan and complementary porcelain floor tiles reflecting the high finish of the vehicles and the showroom. There is an understated elegance to the facility without an heir of extravagance. Lexus of Highland Park is a fitting example of the Lexus experience that projects a luxurious lifestyle in a coordinated interior package.