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Industrial Headquarters

This 50,000 square foot design features a combination industrial production, merchandise display for sales, research and development, plus workstation, private offices, and conference areas. We started with a basic block plan from the architect of record, but added our special sauce to create dynamic spaces with careful consideration to what guests and employees see at each turn in their journey.

The client is the technologically advance textile company, rooted in original, high performance designs. They provide battle-proven, advanced camouflage technology to address the growing threat of multi-spectral sensors.

When a guest arrives at the minimalist exterior entry, they then enter into Decompression Zone. After checking in, guests pass through an unexpected passageway to move into the ‘business development’ area for the curated experience. They are exposed to a dramatic space and immediately know they have arrived somewhere special. A vibe of innovation and secrecy are immediately evident upon arrival. The guest meeting space has interactive areas and displays integrated into a guided process. In this space the conference area replicates a war room, the navigation paths are carefully crafted to unveil information product, and proprietary information. The company history, mission and culture are evidenced throughout.

 The design solution featured Industrial chic production areas sport a crisp, clean, aesthetic, and communicate innovative. In the office area we will explore the idea of space within space. Being able to burrow into a fox hole or to be present in a huddle space. There are design opportunities to deal with the need for transparency versus privacy. The space should have the ability to adapt to different work styles or requirements. The solution has integrated technology into the workplace.

The Business development area is bold and exciting! This area uses is darkness to create mystery and focus. The emphasis on concentrated storytelling and visuals, with a goal to project an innovative and productive work atmosphere. Innovation in material usage will create a forward-thinking vibe.

The soul of the office vibes through this space it is gritty, raw and authentic. The messaging throughout is motivational and consistent with the brand. Throughout the facility interesting lighting is incorporated. The offices have a loft style, creating space that can open and close to create transparency balanced with focus concentration. With the potential for large loft doors or garage the spaces can open and close to create spaces within spaces. In the large café volume of space, we will create more intimate areas: community tables, smaller huddle area, and quiet areas. Natural materials, like raw steel, natural wood, and concrete create a warm work place.



Business Development

Conference Area