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Hyatt Regency Wayfinding

Hyatt Regency Chicago asks Ideation Studio to complete their Hotel Renovation project with a comprehensive sign system and way-finding program.


Hyatt Hotels conducted a massive redesign of their east and west tower lobby’s, restaurants, meeting and public areas. Ideation Studio was asked to create an extensive way-finding program that would make this complex facility easy to navigate and link the divergent floors and spaces with an integrated sign system.

Design Solution

Ideation drew upon the architectural cues employed in the renovation to create a complementary signage program incorporating silver metal letters with corresponding wood and composite materials. The three-dimensional sign solution included wall, ceiling and freestanding forms that create visual interest in the spaces while directing visitors to the many venues offered at the hotel. Video screens incorporated into the freestanding kiosks presented changeable messages keeping the information current while efficiently directing guests and visitors to the appropriate venues.