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Hyatt – Point of Interest Bar

Chicago, IL


Hyatt Regency, McCormick Place saw the open space adjacent to the walkway—connecting the Convention Center with the Hotel—as a valuable but underutilized space. The challenge was to transform this pie-shaped space into a revenue generator and be a unique addition to the Hotel. The concept was to create a multi-purpose space that combines a full service bar, a lounge, and casual meeting areas—all which connect guests to technology and the city at large.

Design Solution

Ideation Studio saw the cultural diversity associated with Chicago as an opportunity to create a visual theme for this space entitled “Celebration of Neighborhoods”. Four ethnic neighborhoods are featured with mural sized graphics, map locations and Points of Interest (POI) noted for each. Distinct zones were carved into the interior space created by seating alcoves for individual meetings, a standup concession zone, and vertical architectural pylon shapes define the bar area. In keeping with the theme of cultural diversity, materials were selected that subtly integrate colors, fabrics, and shapes to support the variety and richness of cultures that intermingle in this great city Chicago. The city is featured with a custom wall covering that portrays a stylized transit map for the visitors passing through this space. This space effectively captures the many personalities of the city in an equally welcoming embrace.

Hyatt POI Bar Hospitality Case Study Video