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Gerald Naperville Corporate Office

When the Gerald Automotive Group decided they wanted their own branded corporate headquarters to set them apart from the various dealerships they owned, they truned to us to develop a dynamic space the was a three dimensional brand experience. Mad men 60’s modern meets the future in this modern office space. The bold brand yellow infuses energy in the space, projects power and exudes warmth. The exposed ceiling and glass make the open office feel more spacious and add to enhanced productivity. There is an upscale sophistication that caries through the space. Graphic accents are sprinkled throughout at meaningful visas. A framed out seating niche proudly displays their moto: “Exceptional people providing exceptional service.” Custom digital wallcoverings and use of acoustical panels create other focal throughout the space. The new boardroom makes an impressive statement of style. Bold colors are incorporated in the furniture and ceiling to contrast with neutral flooring and wall finishes.