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Gerald Ford Dealership

North Aurora, IL

The Gerald Ford dealership concept is rooted in Ford's national brand standards but was allowed to grow and flourish with some design enhancements. The process started with modifying the plan for better flow, enhance the visual impressions, and an updated overall material pallet.

We took the current COVID virus situation as an opportunity to reconceive how customers are greeting at entry. Gone is the reception desk of old that was a magnet for clutter and gave a negative first impression. The new check-in kiosk is staffed with a team member, dedicated to welcoming guests and focusing on customer experience and engagement. Guests can be checked in on the kiosk tablet that functions as an electronic queuing system. This new module establishes a more inviting space and allows cars to be more spread out, facilitating better circulation.

The customer lounge is an open area defined by material changes. In the TV viewing zone, we added a special modern linear felt acoustic ceiling feature and inset carpet to control sound and enhance the customer experience. This area is anchored by a renovation of the existing fireplace. The new look is sleek and modern, with a linear flame. The fireplace is double-sided, providing a view from the General Manager's office as well. The café zone hospitality counter was upgraded from the brand standards to function more in line with how a dealership uses the area. Running through the space is a dark grey brick wall that tells the Gerald brand story and has an area to highlight Ford’s rich history. All of these design considerations create an enriched, immersive brand experience that aligns with the Gerald dealership ideals and Ford brand.