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Eaum Yoga

Our scope for this modern Yoga studio included naming. They came to us to develop the identity for “Eau Claire Yoga Club.” When we worked on the identity, we felt it didn’t match the brand imitative. We came up with a winner, Eaum Yoga Studio. With a play on Eau Claire and pronounce Om, we knew we had an instant hit. With the new modern vibe for the brand, we looked to create a distinct experience. In the clients’ words: It’s hard to combine energetic with calm and we did it!!

When designing the experience, we looked to impact all the guest touchpoints. We integrated biophilic elements to introduce nature to this space without exterior windows. In the main fitness studio the ethereal nature scene, helps to provide a calming element. The material palette balances powerful energetic tones with soft greens. Lighting and color choices create a warm glow throughout the space. The lounge provides a welcoming space to relax, with every customer amenity addressed. There are dedicated spaces to put shoes, and coats, a welcoming check in desk, and integrated retail to satisfy everyone’s needs. In the women’s locker-room, there was consideration for customer care. It features a makeup mirror with ith warm glow lighting and a beautiful rose gold material that reflects a healthy glow onto the users skin. The design incorporated a strong brand image, including all the graphic elements.  We truly designed everything you see and feel.