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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Store design concept in Saudi Arabia for a furniture store chain. Clean lines and a modern aesthetic define this brand.


Dimos Furniture Company of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia wanted to refocus the store experience seeking to attract a younger demographic within the Saudi cultural climate. Ideation Studio proposed a shift to an “international” architectural style that would be interpreted into the store format. Clean simple lines for the space were introduced with more open site lines giving a better vista to present the breadth and depth of the product categories.

Design Solution

We transformed their previous circulation path to establish visual destinations within the shopping experience. The new graphic backdrops, screens, and dividers became the device to create room vignettes for the modern furniture types. Floor signage, category displays and overhead illuminated canopies take on the iconic “international” style, which becomes the distinctive Dimos element. A neutral, minimalist color palette of white and grays creates an atmosphere of relaxed living.