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Brookins Conservatory

Ideation Studio teamed up with a local south-side Chicago business to create a design proposal for new concept community event space. The use of our photographic visualization tools to create concept renderings were used to envision the dream of this could be and gain a half million in grant money. The idea was to create an indoor/outdoor green space that provided opportunities and event space for learning, public & private events, and much more. The design embodies the essence of a greenhouse to create a biophilic design with lots of glazing with for sun exposure, green walls, and exterior landscaping. The plan is to partner with other growing places to provide similar green landscapes and growing education to this community. The space includes an integrated hospitality area, digital displays for presentations, and an outdoor pergola seating. The garage doors open and expand the interior space to the three-season exterior event space. The flexibility integrated into the design of this space allows for a wide range of uses and helps maintain a strong community presence while offering new and continuing community engagement.