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Reno, NV • Dallas, TX • Memphis, TN • Westmont, IL


Acura consults Ideation Studio as a brand expert. We capture the key brand attributes, like luxury & technology, and deliver highly productive retail spaces. In every dealership we capture the essence of the Acura brand and incorporate unique design aesthetics that reflect the individuality of each regional culture.

Design Solution

Each of these environments are clean, contemporary settings with soothing neutral colors running throughout the space. The most important aspect of any project is the design plan. In the plan, organization, flow, and effective space utilization are the keys to a solid end result. The design focuses on form and texture. Attention to detail makes Acura of Memphis a premier Acura Dealership in the country. The experience allows customers to relax in a warm, inviting setting, right with plush textures and amenities. Custom designed, integrated way-finding signage guides visitors through their experience and completes the spaces.