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Kirstyn Greshammer

Project & Team Director

Kirstyn Greshammer is a leader within the Ideation team. Her unique skill set, thoughtful design approach, and balance of project with process helps to guide the Design’letes to success.

A passion for understanding drives Kirstyn in her personal and professional endeavors. This drive for knowledge fueled her academic career where she earned a Master’s Degree in Architecture and Bachelor degrees in Architecture and Interior Design. Research based design was a hallmark of Kirstyn’s graduate studies leading her overseas to do independent research on nontraditional housing typologies in Denmark. She has sense translated that background into her work in the retail industry and believes the best design solutions come from an informed approach.

With about 20 years of professional experience Kirstyn’s professional career has focused on the retail and restaurant industries where she has worked with national brands as well as small independent entrepreneurs. Working in both design and project management capacities her work exemplifies an exceptional attention to detail and organization.

Outside of the office Kirstyn has enjoyed taking ceramics classes, traveling, and of course spoiling her two young children.